Why does my laptop sound like a jet engine?

laptop is making noise

Laptop produces awful sounds; yes, the whole experience becomes so messy and chaotic. So what to do in this situation? Searching for the root cause and fixing it as soon as possible is advised.

Below, we have penned comprehensive details on why does my laptop sounds like a jet engine. This problem usually occurs because of overheating, bad fan bearing, bad thermal paste, clogged fans and air vents or your laptop has become old.

The fan produces an annoying sound, which is why this problem is called ”fan noise”. It indicates that your laptop’s fan is struggling a lot to dissipate heat. Ignoring this issue will damage other internal components of the laptop, including the hard drive, processor and graphics card. Let us all see how to get rid of this irritating sound coming out from the laptop:

Why do laptops sound like jet engines? Top reasons

The biggest culprits that push the laptop, making maddening and frustrating sounds, are the fan and hard disk. If they malfunction, the device will sound like a jet plane. Below, we have discussed more of the technical aspects; you can check them out:

Reason 1- Accumulation of dust and dirt in the cooling fan

Laptops make weird noises because dust and debris accumulate in the cooling fan. The fan starts to move faster and ultimately sounds awful.

Reason 2- Due to the heavy workload

The laptop will definitely make strange and horrible sounds if you have been constantly working on it. Due to the heavy workload, its components become exhausted, and they start producing horrific noises.

Reason 3- You have set the laptop on a high-performance setting

Putting the laptop on high-performance settings increases the chance of hearing awful and strange sounds! Gamers and video editors have to open applications that need more processing power, which increases heat generation and causes the laptop to produce terrible noise.

Reason 4- Your laptop has become aged

Your laptop has become old, which is why it produces dreadful sounds. With time, the internal components generate extra heat, show wear and tear, and extreme malfunctioning, and all these issues lead to ”noise”. Besides, the cooling fan starts running faster and sounds like a jet plane. Aged laptops accumulate more dust and debris, thus blocking the fans from running efficiently.

Reason 5- The internal components have become loose

Most laptops make unwanted noise because the internal components have become loose and unnecessarily vibrate against the laptop’s frame.

Reason 6- You have opened multiple programs at one time

If you have opened multiple tabs at one time, like Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Windows Live Messenger and others, a heavy load will come on the central processing unit pushing it to sound like a jet plane and negatively impacting its speed and performance.

Reason 7- You are using a low-quality laptop

Low-quality laptops produce terrible sounds. It is recommended to always invest in a quality, branded and high-end laptop because they keep the operations noise-free. Furthermore, a low-budget laptop has a low-quality processor, including a hard drive and graphic card, which makes it highly vulnerable to producing awful noises.

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Reason 8- Bad thermal paste

Bad or loss of effectiveness in the thermal paste makes the computer sound like a jet plane. Note that thermal paste comes in a silver or grey colored substance. Its prime job is to keep the processor cool enough for the longest hours.

You will spot this substance in between the CPU and the CPU cooler baseplate. It fills the microscopic imperfections and prevents the processor from getting overheated. So, if the thermal paste has lost its efficiency, the laptop will make a terrible sound.

Reason 9- You have kept the laptop in hot and humid weather

Placing the laptop in hot and humid weather increases the probability that it will make irritating sounds! Hot weather makes it challenging for the cooling fan to dissipate heat properly, which is why it makes a noise. Besides, high heat severely damages the delicate internal components of the laptop, including the batteries and chips. They explode, swell, or leak, which is a mess to see!

Reason 10- Fan blades have been damaged

Damaged fan blades seem to be one of the possible causes that push laptop makes awful noises or sounds like a jet plane. With time, it is usual that fan blades show wear and tear. So, repair them on a priority basis and prevent your laptop from making strange sounds.

How do you stop the laptop from producing jet engine kind of sounds?

You can get rid of these annoying sounds by following the below-mentioned expert-recommended solutions:

Regularly clean your laptop

You must regularly clean your laptop so that it does not generate unwanted sounds and keep the operations quiet and noise-free. Accumulation of dirt, grease, and dust in the fan makes the device noisy.

Experts have advised keeping the device clean on a regular basis. Remove dust from the fan blades with the help of compressed air, and clean the vents using a soft cotton cloth or soft brush.

Remove malware

You should remove malware from your laptop. This way, it will keep its operations noise-free and hardly produce any sound. Malware is the primary cause that pushes computers to make unwanted and weird noises. It increases the laptop’s temperature and prevents it from running and operating quietly. Thus, install high-end antivirus software and remove malware right away.

Install an extra cooling fan

Installing an extra cooling fan will solve your problem, too! If you play games or edit videos for hours, chances are high that your laptop will get overheated, producing terrible sounds. Here, an extra cooling fan will help you, so go ahead with this quick solution!

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End processes and close browser tabs

When you notice that your laptop sounds like a jet plane, it is recommended to end all processes and browser tabs. This problem usually occurs when you have opened multiple tabs, and this practice makes the laptop overloaded. Extra pressure comes onto the RAM. So, end the processes running in the background and close all browser tabs and programs you have opened.

Place your laptop on a hard and flat surface

It is repeatedly advised to place your laptop on a hard and flat surface. Opting for this practice will keep the device noise-free and generate no unwanted sounds.

Update the drivers

Update the drivers on priority. Corrupt drivers make the laptop noisy, but if you have updated them, the device will produce no annoying sounds. Experts have suggested never delaying the process of updating your laptop’s drivers.

Reset your SMC and PRAM

Resetting the system management controller and parameter random access memory will stop the laptop from generating bothersome sounds. So, whenever you feel that your system needs SMC and PRAM resetting, do that immediately.

Clean the air vents

It will be best to clean your laptop’s air vents thoroughly. This way, it will not make the slightest noise as long as it works. Constantly running the device clogs the air vents, and massive dust and debris surrounds them. Get a can of compressed air and blow it directly onto the vents.

Install a new fan or hard drive

If none of the above-mentioned tips work, installing a new fan or hard drive is the ultimate solution. Take your laptop to the repair expert, and he will do the rest of the job.


Why does even a clean laptop fan get loud?

Even a clean laptop fan can get loud because it is overworked, and you have been running it for the longest hours. You must give some rest time to the fan irrespective of whether you have cleaned and serviced it.

Should a laptop fan remain silent?

A laptop fan generally remains silent in an ideal situation. It does not produce any sound when performing and processing low-power tasks. Slight noise is produced when it runs high-power tasks like gaming and video editing.

Is it normal for a computer to make noise?

To some extent, it is normal for the computer to make noise. But the sound level should not be annoying and unbearable to hear. Fans and hard disk drivers make a little noise, which is usually a low, consistent hum.


We hope you have understood why a laptop makes a noise or sounds like a jet plane! If you have also experienced similar kinds of issues, please let us know how you dealt with them. Stay connected and in touch with us, too!

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