How to get a free laptop from Amazon

get free laptop from amazon

Uncountable ways are there that let you claim a free laptop on Amazon. Do you want to explore those ways? If yes, you have arrived at the right place.

This platform will give you all the basic details on how to get a free laptop from Amazon. The general ways are to work for their virtual customer service department or participate in the Amazon product testing program. Once you complete the training and get the remote job, you will definitely get a complimentary laptop.

The only requirement is to be 18+ and have a good internet connection. The rest of the details on claiming a free laptop on Amazon are mentioned below.

Ways to claim a free laptop on Amazon

Amazon offers various deals, promotions, and discount programs. The more you explore this world’s biggest e-commerce site, the more you can benefit from it.

Way 1- Work for Amazon’s virtual customer service

The popular way to get a free laptop from Amazon is to work for their customer service department. Look for a remote job, complete the training span, and get a complimentary laptop in return. That is so amazing! Furthermore, your age should be 18+, and the candidate needs to have a fast internet connection if he is interested in pursuing this job.

Way 2- Check Amazon’s giveaways/deals section during the holidays

You must regularly check Amazon’s giveaways section during holidays, especially during Christmas and peak sales. You never know if you get lucky to get a free laptop. Even if you do not get a free laptop, you can still try looking for discounted deals.

The best part is that multiple refurbished laptops are available cheaply on Amazon; you can explore those options too.

On Amazon’s homepage, you will spot the ”today’s deals” section. Access the dropdown menu and choose” electronics”. There, you can easily find out whether laptop deals are available.

Way 3- Check ‘’warehouse deals’’ on Amazon

Apart from the daily deals, checking out the ”warehouse deals” section is suggested. This respective section has pre-owned and open-box laptops, and they are sold at discounted rates.

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Though these laptops have slight wear and tear and cosmetic issues, but for students, they are the best and most functional ones so far. These laptops also come with Amazon’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is a plus!

Way 4- Participate in the Amazon’s product testing program

Guess what? Taking part in the product testing program launched by Amazon will increase your chances of getting a free laptop. This program asks the user to test new products, including phones and laptops.

Remember that tough competition is there if you want to get selected for this program. Amazon picks a few candidates, and if the team asks to test a laptop, the candidate will be given that laptop free of cost.

Way 5- Participate in the Amazon’s referral program

Participating in Amazon’s referral program may give you a free laptop. In this respective program, you earn rewards by requesting your friends and family members to sign up for Amazon services like we have Amazon Business and Amazon Prime.

In addition, rewards come in the form of gift cards and discounted deals, which you can avail of to get a free laptop.

Way 6- Enroll in the Amazon Prime Student Program

You can enroll in the Amazon Prime Student program if you wish to get a laptop free of cost. Registering in this program is very simple. The only eligibility criterion you must meet is that you should be a student. Multiple students have qualified, so register and sign up for this program as soon as possible.

Students will get free shipping on eligible items besides claiming free laptops. You can stream movies, music, and TV shows unlimited and will be given access to exclusive discount programs and deals. Remember to sign up through your school, college, or university email address.

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Way 7- Enter contests

Enter contests conducted by Amazon and claim a free laptop. It is believed to be one of the potentially best ways to get a laptop free of cost. Lots of companies on Amazon offer contests and free giveaway sessions; what you need to do is to participate in them.

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Moreover, look for companies with the history and reputation of giving legitimate giveaways. Avoid falling for fraudsters. Please stay away from companies with poor online reviews or you have never heard of them.

Before deciding to participate in the contest, go through all terms and conditions and eligibility criteria. And experts have recommended entering multiple contests. Doing so will increase your chances of winning.

Way 8- Sign up for the Amazon Affiliate program

You can qualify for a free laptop after signing up for the Amazon affiliate program. If you manage to achieve high success in this program and actively promote Amazon links, you will definitely be rewarded with a laptop.

Eligibility to get a free laptop on Amazon

There is a specific eligibility criterion that you must meet to claim a free laptop on Amazon. Below, we have mentioned the details about those requirements to be fulfilled; you can check them out:


A specific household income limit is mentioned from the side of Amazon. You can only qualify for the free laptop program if you meet that income criterion.


It depends on the job and program type that what age limit may qualify you to get a free laptop. The age limit is different if you register for the Amazon Prime student program and Amazon work-from-home program or virtual customer service program. 

Winning history

If you have already been rewarded with a free laptop from Amazon, there is a high chance that you will not get it next time.


You can share your ways and tricks to get a free Amazon laptop. The world’s biggest and most popular e-commerce site has so much for you, from discounted deals, promotional programs, free giveaways, and more. Please stay connected with us, too!

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