Which laptop component would be considered an FRU?

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Field replaceable units, also known as FRUs, require technical skill when it comes to installation. It generally includes batteries, hard drives, RAM modules, motherboards, displays, keyboards, touchpads, and wireless cards. On this platform, we have penned every basic detail on which laptop component would be considered an FRU, so check them out.

To give you a quick piece of information: A clear difference exists between FRU field replaceable unit and CRU customer replaceable unit. The former needs technical skill and expertise to install. And later requires no technical expertise. Other details are mentioned below:

What is FRU? List of FRU components

FRU stands for field replaceable unit. As mentioned above, it includes the display, motherboard, keyboard, hard drive, RAM module, wireless card, and battery. The user must possess technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of how to install these units.

Furthermore, an FRU is an electronic hardware or a circuit board that is replaced and installed by a technician and can be hassle-freely removed. There is no need to send the whole laptop to the technician. Simply remove the defective hardware and get it repaired. 

Almost all integrated circuit-based and transistorized computers have FRUs. A typical example is the IBM SMS card. Remember that not all components of the computer are assumed to be FRUs. CPU and GPU are not FRU; always keep this in mind. Before you attempt to replace these units, you must go through the laptop’s manual to get more of an idea of replacement, repair, and installation.

Method to replace an FRU

Below, we have mentioned the step-by-step guide that tells how to replace the FRU field replaceable unit, so let us jump onto this section:

  1. The first step is to shut down the laptop and disconnect it from the power source.
  2. Remove the battery if it is possible.
  3. Look for the FRU component on your laptop.
  4. Get hold of a screwdriver and remove the screws holding the FRU.
  5. You must slowly and gently remove the FRU right from its housing.
  6. Once you have removed it, install the new FRU into its housing.
  7. Reconnect the laptop with the power source, turn it on, and you are ready.
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When is the right time to replace an FRU?

You must only replace the FRU when it starts to show a problem or becomes defective. It is an important factor that you should always consider and keep in mind.

  • Clear the error log, as well as run the test! If the error comes, replace the FRU. And if the error does not arrive, there is no need to replace the FRU.
  • Get the correct and quality replacement part. The system will experience more harm and damage if it is low-quality.
  • Consider the replacement cost, too! Getting a new laptop is sometimes cheaper than replacing an FRU.
  • Keep in mind the convenience factor! If you think it is a hassle to replace the FRU, avoid going for it.
  • You must consult a professional technician. He can better guide you regarding the best time to replace the FRU.
  • Contact only trained, experienced, and certified professionals; they will get the job done perfectly.
  • Before you decide to replace the FRU, make sure to read the section on replacement.
  • You have to remain very careful when replacing the defective FRU.
  • The model of the laptop and FRU part number should match each other.
  • Avoid replacing the FRU based on a single failure. Remember that single failures have nothing to do with the hardware defect. Moreover, when the issue recurs, only then will you get a new FRU for your laptop system. The typical hardware defects include electrostatic and discharge errors and cosmic radiation errors.


What is the FRU number on a laptop?

The FRU number on a laptop is a 7-digit number. It is the field replacement unit number that is embossed on the component.

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What is the primary difference between CRU and FRU?

CRU stands for customer-replaceable unit. The user can easily replace the defective CRU without possessing technical expertise. On the other hand, FRU stands for field replaceable unit. You need technical skills to install and replace the defective FRU.


We hope that you have gained enough information on FRU components. If you still need clarification, we are here to sort that out. Reminding you again, the possible FRUs include the RAM, optical drive, hard drive, wireless card, motherboard, keyboard, and touchpad. Stay tuned!

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