How to project mobile screen on wall without projector

How to project mobile screen on wall without projector

Projectors cost a lot and it is challenging for everyone to afford. But hold on for a second! You can still project image on the wall without a projector. The standard methods are to opt for screen mirroring, using HDTV as a projector, or throwing the camera flashlight onto the wall. 

Note that the ‘’screen mirroring’’ option is generally present in most of the devices. Simply choose the ”mirror” option; that is all, and the desired image will be projected onto the wall.

For more comprehensive details on how to project mobile screen on wall without projector, you can check out the remaining section of this post.

Method 1

You can project the mobile screen onto the wall by using apps like screen mirroring. Some prefer using AirPlay Mirroring. These are reliable apps that let your phone project bigger images and more prominent displays onto the wall.

Method 2

Chromecasts have become the most preferred pick among homeowners for projecting image onto the wall without a projector. What you need to do is to connect your phone to the TV and see the content on a wider and bigger screen.

Method 3

You can make your DIY projector if you cannot afford a projector available in the shops. The process to make it look all fun and exciting. You need a box, magnifying glass and some other necessary items for making a projector at home.

Method 4

You can use an HDTV as your projector. Do you know how this is possible? Here, you can check out the details. Connect the HDTV with your phone and project your favorite videos and clips onto the wall. In addition, get a VGA or HDMI cable to perform this task. Choose the right settings in your phone’s display preferences. Note that HDTV works both as a projector and monitor. You can either use it as an additional monitor for your personal computer or as a projector screen for watching movies and playing games.

Method 5

Experts have recommended turning their phones into a projector app. Yes, you can do that if you have an Android or iPhone. Access the projector app, choose the landscape mode, and tap the screen. The image will be projected onto the wall, and the video will start to play.

Method 6

Opting for a camera flashlight lets you project the mobile screen onto the wall without a projector. We know that it seems an odd choice, but it does work surprisingly. Look for the big wall and shine the camera flashlight properly towards the wall.

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Moreover, you can control the brightness of the light by installing the respective app. To manually control the brightness, it is recommended to place a piece of paper right between the flash and the wall.

By doing so, the brightness will be controlled at its best. You can also place cardboard against the wall to create a barrier between the flash and the wall. These practices give you a clearer image and excellent picture quality with dimmer light and controlled brightness.

Method 7

The other method is to place your phone above the lamp and project the image onto the wall. If you think using a flashlight is an odd choice, opt for this method.

Look for a table lamp that comes with a long and bendable neck. In this way, it will get easy for you to adjust the lamp’s height, and ultimately crucial for bringing the image in focus.

Upon placing the phone above the lamp, access the zoom function on your mobile phone and get the image in focus. The results will become far better if your phone has a focus wheel. This feature is present in new and advanced phones and generates clear image always.

Helping material you need for projecting mobile screen on the wall without projector

Below, you can get an idea of which helping material you need for projecting a mobile phone screen onto the wall without a projector:

Reflective surface

You need a reflective surface, for sure. It can be a mirror, sheet of paper, or piece of metal. Experts have advised positioning the reflective surface correctly so that it can reflect the image onto the wall without showing any blurriness or distortion.

Transparent surface

Some prefer using a transparent surface. You can either use a magnifying glass or a sheet of plastic. Position the transparent surface in a way that the light passes through the phone and onto the wall without any trouble.

Light source

The light source usually comes in the form of a flashlight. It could also be a lap or the sun. Remember to position the light source so that it can efficiently and effectively shine the light onto the wall and produce clear and crisp images.

Other points to keep in mind

Whatever method you pick, the final results depend on what size of the image you want, what image quality you expect, and how much the distance should be between the wall and the mobile phone screen. The rest of the critical points that you should always keep in mind:

  • You must use a reflective surface for projecting a larger image onto the wall.
  • Opt for a transparent surface to catch up with a high-quality, clear, and crisp image.
  • Use a light source if you wish to project the image onto the wall over a long distance.
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Projector screen vs wall screen- Which is better?

You might be wondering, which is a better pick? Projector screen or wall screen, we can definitely sort out this confusion of yours.

It is completely fine if you cannot afford a projector and project the image onto the wall without a proper and professional screen. There are some pros and cons that the individual will encounter if he opts for this practice.

The projector screen gives a customized viewing time. Such a screen is specifically and primarily made for projection, which is why excellent image quality is promised. Multiple projector screens are available in the shops. You can have a grey, black, or white colored screen, each meant for different conditions.

In addition, projector screens create a smoother and more reflective surface, unlike typical and traditional walls. It is assumed that a black colored screen is more reflective than the wall surface and produces far better image quality. Lastly, these screens come with a specialized coating. This coating enhances the screen’s ability to reflect light and makes the image sharper, clearer, and brighter.


What are the popular apps that display mobile screens on the wall?

There are some of the top-rated apps that display mobile screen on the wall, and they are AirDroid Cast, Mirroring360, Google Home, Team Viewer, Wonder Share MirrorGo, and others.

How to project the phone to the wall without a magnifying glass?

You can project the phone to the wall without a magnifying glass. Position the show box in a way that it faces a wall. Maximize the brightness of your phone and position it away or closer to the lens; the choice is yours. That is all, the projector screen is ready.


Now you know how to project the mobile screen on the wall without owning a projector! Let us know how you project the image on the wall if you cannot afford a projector and what hacks and budget-friendly ways you follow. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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