What is app selector?

what is app selector

Do you often face trouble in selecting, managing, and organizing apps? If yes, we have one great solution that can solve this problem of yours. Get hold of the ‘’ app selector” and thank us later.

With this app, you can easily select, manage and organize the applications. In addition, it is pre-installed on the T-Mobile devices. If you have used AppManager, you will notice that this app functions similarly to this. 

Furthermore, it facilitates the overall app selection and installation process. You can even remove the infrequently used apps via using it. So, let us see more of the details on the topic: what is app selector and if any confusion arises, pen down to us your questions:

What is app selector?

The pre-installed application usually found on T-Mobile devices is the ”app selector’’. With its exclusive use, you can manage, store, select and organize all kinds of apps. It facilitates the app selection process at its best.

It suggests which apps should be used and which ones should be removed from the phone. It streamlines the app installation process, which is the most impressive thing about it.

Developed by T-Mobile, its demand is increasing day by day. It has effortlessly simplified the device initiation process. The user catches up with ongoing app management functionalists in the upgraded style.

Characteristics of app selector

Below, you can check out the details about the main characteristics of the app selector:


The primary purpose of an app selector is to assist users in selecting, managing and organizing the apps. It properly guides the users on which apps to choose and install and which ones to eliminate from the phone.


T-Mobile developed this respective app, and so far, its availability is spotted on specific Android devices.


When the user completes the initial device setup process, a notification will be sent that the ”app selector’’ is now officially in the phone.

App selection, management, and installation

On opening the app selector, the user will be presented with multiple options for tailoring and customizing the app selection mechanism. Moreover, the user is given free-hand regarding selecting the apps. It is all in his hands which app he wants to install and keep on his phone and which one he wants to remove or kick off from the device.

Management of installed apps

You will find all those apps installed by the ” app selector” in the device’s app tray. Note that they are going to be updated via the Google Play Store.

Benefits of using ‘’ app selector’’

  • No wonder this app has simplified the app selection, management and installation process.
  • It offers tailored and customized app recommendations.
  • The user is given wise suggestions regarding which apps to keep on the phone and which ones to remove.
  • This app allows the user to delay or skip the selection process.
  • The user catches up with more control and the best experience regarding choosing and installing the apps.
  • On activating ‘’ app selector” onto your device, after 45 days, you will get a list of recommendations for unused apps. On uninstalling those unused apps, the device gets more space, and its performance will also improve.
  • The app is already pre-installed onto your device.
  • This respective app makes it easy to find the best apps for your phone.
  • There is no need to go to the Google Play Store and download the apps individually, ‘’ app selector’’ will do the whole job for you.
  • This app will ask certain questions from the user, and based on those answers, it will recommend apps to him.
  • The user can discover useful apps that he thought did not exist or required via app selector.
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Features of app selector

Here, we have highlighted a few of the important features that the user will come across while using ” app selector’’:


The ‘’open’’ feature displays multiple options concerning which apps to use. The list will be provided based on your answers to the app. Check those apps you want to keep on your phone and uncheck the ones you want to remove.


The ‘’skip’’ feature will stop the app from alerting the user. You will no longer get notifications from the app selector. If you want to start using the app, re-activate it by accessing the app selector’s settings.

Delay for later

On choosing the ‘’delay for later’’ option, the app selector will delay the process of getting activated on your phone for 15 minutes.

Is ‘’ app selector’’ safe to use?

Yes, the app selector is absolutely safe to use. It is assumed to be a secure, safe, and sound application that Android users can try out. The trustworthy and reliable brand T-Mobile has developed. No issues in quality and performance will be there. In addition, this respective developer has a clean history, and so far, customers are satisfied with the performance of the ”app selector’’.

Which is better? App selector or Google Play Store

You must be confused about which one to pick: App Selector or Google Play Store! We can help you out:

Thousands and millions of users use the Google Play Store. It is officially developed by Google and packed with tons of apps. So far, it has over two million applications and games, and the number is increasing daily.

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The App Selector is a pre-installed Android app developed by T-Mobile. It gives users a quick and convenient way to search, select, manage, organize, and install apps. Furthermore, you can clear the app data and install and uninstall apps anytime and anywhere.

It all depends on the user’s preference for which option he wants to pick. The only thing that sets App Selector apart from the rest of the options is that it lets users install unsigned APKs. In other words, you are free to install kernels, mods, and custom ROMs without carrying out the rooting process on your Android device.

Another special thing is that App Selector is easier to use than others. Its interface is friendly and hassle-free to operate and control. On the other hand, the interface of Google PLAY Store looks challenging and confusing to handle.

Moreover, the App Selector has a built-in file manager. It lets users browse as well as manage files with ease. You will be provided in-depth information about the device hardware and software if you use App Selector. This feature is lacking in the Google Play Store.

How to uninstall App Selector?

Here, you can go through the guide on uninstalling App Selector. If you are not interested in using it, follow this guide, and you are good to go.

  1. Open ‘’ App Selector’’ and click on the tab of ‘’settings’’.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom section of the page and click uninstall ‘’ App Selector’’.
  3. You will get a confirmation message. Tap on ”yes” and the uninstallation process will be started.

How do you turn off the App Selector notifications?

  1. Look for the tab that says ‘’ App Selector experience notification’’. You will probably spot it in the status bar of your phone.
  2. Choose the option ‘’later’’.
  3. The App Selector notifications will be turned off.

Devices compatible with App Selector

As mentioned above, Android phones show compatibility with this app. If you are using Android 6 or the newer version of it, you can easily run this app on your phone. Most Metro and T-Mobile phone users have this app installed on their devices. Rest, phone models like Samsung A21 and Samsung A11 support using this app too.


You can keep tuned and in touch with us as more details are App Selector are on their way. Please share your feedback and honest comments if you have ever used this app. Stay connected!

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