How to play Valorant on Chromebook


Playing Valorant on Chromebook, the procedure has become super easy-breezy now. It is a free-to-play tactical shooter game that gained immense popularity in a short period.

To all Chromebook users, you can now conveniently play this game on this device. Here, we have penned the possible and easy-to-follow methods on how to play Valorant on Chromebook; you can check them out.

Installing Chrome remote desktop software is recommended to play this game on a Chromebook. In addition, a few of the hardware requirements have to be fulfilled. For example, RAM/VRAM should be 4GB/1GB, and the GPU has to be Intel HD 4000. You must check the exact specifications of the Chromebook; this way, you can know whether it supports playing Valorant.

Methods to play Valorant on Chromebook

Using Chrome remote desktop CRD or installing Linux and streaming the game using Parsec- these are a few of the ways that you can try out. Below, we have explained these methods in a step-by-step manner:

Method 1- Playing Valorant on Chromebook via Chrome remote desktop software CRD

The easiest and hassle-free way to play this shooter game on Chromebook—all you need is a Chrome remote desktop software, also known as CRD. Opting for this method will set up the best gaming environment for the user.

With CRD, you can access Windows PC from your Chromebook, install the Valorant client on your computer, and simply start playing the game. The step-by-step guide is mentioned below:

  1. Navigate to ”remote desktop” on the PC.
  2. Hit on the ‘’download’’ button and follow every single instruction.
  3. Set a ‘’Username’’ and ‘’PIN’’ and click on the ‘’start’’ button.
  4. Now, navigate to ”remote desktop” on your Chromebook like you did on your computer.
  5. Tap on the ‘’PC name’’ and enter the ‘’PIN’’.
  6. Voila, you are done. You have full access to the PC and are now able to control and operate from your Chromebook. Play Valorant for as many hours as you can.

The important tip that you should keep in mind is to sign in with the same Google accounts on both devices. Furthermore, the user may experience minor latency issues if the computer specifications appear sub-optimal for the game.

Method 2- Playing Valorant on Chromebook Using Parsec

You can also play Valorant on Chromebook using Parsec. You must have known that Parsec functions and operates like Teamviewer for gaming purposes. In addition, the PC hosts Valorant, and the Chromebook joins to play.

Some users have complained that Chrome Remote Desktop Software CRD does not give a stable and enjoyable playing experience, so we have come up with another option, and that is ”Parsec”.

Parsec stays stable as long as you are playing Valorant. The only requirement to be fulfilled is that the user must have sound technical knowledge and be aware of the correct installation procedure to catch up with a smooth playing time. The process goes in this manner:

  1. The first step is to install Linux on the Chromebook.
  2. Access ‘’Settings’’ on the Chromebook and choose ‘’Advanced’’ from the given list.
  3. Click on ”Developers” and hit the tab that says ”Linux development environment”.
  4. Tap ‘’Turn on’’ and follow every single on-screen prompt.
  5. Wait for a few minutes so that the installation process can be finished. It will take 10 minutes and not more than that.
  6. The next step is to download and install Parsec on a Chromebook. You can download it from the official website of the Parsec app.
  7. You must right-click on the ”download package” and choose ”install with Linux”.
  8. When the installation process is completed, click the button ”OK”.
  9. Configure the PC’s Parsec so that it can start hosting the game.
  10. Remember to launch Parsec by accessing the Linux apps folder.
  11. Navigate to ”settings, click on ”host” and hit the option ”enabled”.
  12. Add Chromebook as your Friend on the PC’s Parsec and launch the Valorant game.
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How to tune and optimize your Chromebook for gaming?

You should always keep a few essentials in mind regarding tuning and optimizing your Chromebook for gaming, especially while playing Valorant.

Chrome OS is not a gaming-ready operating system. Still, you can fine-tune its settings and make it a gaming-ready system. We have rounded up the best suggestions and tips for our readers; you can check them out:

Tip 1- Conduct a ‘’Power wash’’

You must perform a Powerwash when playing games on a Chromebook. This is how you can perfectly optimize the Chrome OS. Note that Powerwash is conducted similarly to when you do a factory reset. All system updates get uninstalled, remove the present files, and wipe the rest of the stuff you downloaded and installed.

Moreover, this procedure is termed as a troubleshooting measure for fixing issues linked with Chrome OS. Make sure to back up all data you have removed and wiped off before attempting a Powerwash.

Tip 2- Keep the Chromebook up to date

Keeping Chromebooks up to date is necessary, too! If the system is updated and upgraded, you can play games like Valorant smoothly on Chrome. This one is a reliable method that ensures stability and optimal performance at all levels. Hence, install all the updates that Chrome OS has notified you.

Tip 3- Focus on one window and close the other tabs when playing games

When playing games on a Chromebook, you should focus on one window and close the rest of the tabs, apps, and concurrently opened windows. Due to the unnecessary background programs and processes, it gets tough for the Chrome OS to play and run the game smoothly.

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Tip 4- Keep the space enough on the device

Playing games on Chromebook in a hassle-free manner is possible. Fine-tune and optimize the system, and you are good to go! Experts have advised keeping enough space on the device. In this way, the Chromebook will not get stressed out or feel heavily loaded. 

In addition, keep track and closely watch how much RAM and hard drive storage is left on the device. Thus, that is how you can have a perfect gaming experience.

Tip 5- Enable ”hyper-threading” 

Enable ” hyper-threading” on Chromebook and play Valorant and other such games smoothly and most enjoyably. On following this tip, the system performance gets increased and multiplied. It gets easy for the user to handle Chrome OS with ease and allows the processor to execute multiple threads right there on a singular core.

Moreover, enabling ”hyper-threading” lets the CPU multitask and gain other parallelization benefits. Once you have activated this feature, the Chromebook will restart to apply all changes. It is universally regarded and marked as the ‘’performance booster’’, so make sure to activate it before playing Valorant on your Chromebook.


Is it OK to play shooter games on a Chromebook?

Yes, you can play shooter games on Chromebook. Though it is not a gaming-ready system, but fine-tuning and optimizing the settings will do the needful job. Chromebooks are generally built for the cloud, and you can easily use them for cloud gaming. All cloud gaming services support and show compatibility with Chromebooks and fulfill every single system requirement.

How to make games run smoother on a Chromebook?

You can make games run smoother on Chromebook by turning on hyper threading. Doing so will boost the system’s performance, and the gaming experience will become better, improved, upgraded, and extremely enjoyable.

How to stop games from lagging on Chromebook?

You can stop the games from lagging on the Chromebook and prevent them from running slow by uninstalling the unwanted apps, end running the background processes and programs, freeing up storage, reducing hard disk drive space for Linux, updating the Chromebook, and Power washing the system.


If you still have questions about playing and running Valorant on a Chromebook, we can guide you more. It is high time to make Chromebooks the perfect gaming-ready system, which is completely possible and achievable now. You can share your hacks, tips, and suggestions on fine-tuning, adjusting, and optimizing Chromebooks for gaming sessions. Stay connected!

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